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Precise performance and highest quality.

We offer you our services by using modern high pressure die-casting machines.

What do we offer?

We are the Polish family company with a production and service profile in the field of high pressure aluminum die-casting, production of die-cast mold, and its services, which was established in the market over 22 years ago.

Such an impressive internship is the result of fruitful cooperation with hundreds of satisfied customers, contractors and suppliers. We provide our comprehensive services, from design to the finished product.

We cooperate with the following industries: automotive, electronics, construction, agriculture, plastics processing, chemical, grocery and household appliances manufacturers.

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We die-cast aluminium with the machines pressing force of up to 400 tons.

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We work on the most modern plastic injection molding machines with pressing force ranging from 20 to 200 tons.

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We design and produce injection molds for foundries and injection molding plants; we service injection molds.

Comprehensive service for die-casted aluminum projects – Gawrych Foundry Budzyń

How we work?

About Us

We provide complete solutions

Our offer

Obróbka ścierna oraz wibrościerna

Mechanical abrasive and vibroabrasive

Szlifowanie płaszczyzn oraz wałków

Flat surface and roller grinding

Cięcie, gięcie usługi na prasach

Powered press cutting and bending services

Przetwórstwo tworzyw sztucznych

Plastic injection processing

Dokumentacja 2D oraz 3D

2D and 3D documentation

Odlewnictwo ciśnieniowe

Die casting

Obróbka termiczna

Thermal treatment

Druk 3D

3D printing

Malowanie proszkowe

Powder coating

Obróbka skrawaniem

CNC machining

Why Us

Over last two decades we have created modern, experienced company that enjoys trust of hundreds of customers, for which quality and customer satisfaction are fundamental.

Keeping in mind family and traditional approach to business, we have gathered in the company the best specialists in their scope, who are treated as family members and perceive the company as their own. Considering this, the services we provide is strong in its precision, the highest quality and an individual approach to needs of each client.