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Gawrych Foundry has a developed machinery park, including two new fully automated cold chamber machines DM300 and DM400. We offer high-quality aluminium high pressure die-castings. We will complete the order quickly, accurately keeping competitive prices at same time. We cast according to the customer's criteria, we work on die-cast molds made completely by us or entrusted by the customer.

We produce products for industries such as:

High-quality pressure services made of aluminum alloys - Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting Gawrych Poland

We have already made hundreds of design concepts and die-casting molds for our numerous clients.
Our projects portfolio is constantly expanding, seeing that we are able to make any die-casting mold at the customer's request.
Several examples of our implementation are presented below.

We perform

Low, medium and high volume production

Our manufacturing offer ends with short, medium and multi series die-casting services.

In range of this service, we provide you design of cast or casting mold from aluminum or Zinc-Aluminium alloys, mechanical processing and powder coating.

We design a casting or casting mold from an aluminum alloy, mechanical processing and powder coating - High Pressure Die Casting Gawrych Poland
We offer high quality and precision of casting, high-quality casting alloys, short lead times, affordable prices - High Pressure Die Casting Gawrych Poland

We offer

  • high quality and precision of die-casting,
  • high quality casting alloys,
  • short lead time,
  • affordable prices,
  • quote within 24h.

Thanks to our technical service support in the form of our own Workshop, we are able to implent quick changes and service die-casting molds.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact our customers service department.

If you need consultation, please contact us, we will analyze the scope of this matter.
We will verify it together and find the perfect solution for your needs

We make

Decorative details

Several dozen patterns of decorative elements included in our offer – curtain rod ends.

We manufacture:

  • curtain rod brackets with a diameter of 16, 19 and 25 mm,
  • curtain rods square brackets with a diameter of 20 mm,
  • round and square ends for curtain rod.

We supply:

  • raw elements mechanically processed, 
  • elements ready for painting
  • elements painted in any color chosen by the customer.

The range of patterns and colors of curtain rod ends is truly impressive. We produce modern, classic and traditional designs.

We have listed bozens of them below. We can make an offer of the entire projects availability at your request at any time.

We produce elements made of pressure-cast aluminum that are used in the electrical industry - High Pressure Die Casting Gawrych Poland

We produce

Electrical and installation products

We produce elements made of high pressure die-cast aluminum that are used in the electrical industry, such as:

  • aluminum or plastic plugs 32A and 63A,
  • inside of 32A and 63A plugs,
  • metal sockets 32A and 63A,
  • metal taps and strips.

We offer you any high pressure die casting from aluminum and Zink-aluminium alloys.

The finishing state of the elements depends on your requirements and it may be a completely raw element after casting,
mechanically processed and prepared for painting or painted in our powder coating shop.

Decorative stair baluster - High Pressure Die Casting Gawrych Poland

We do

Decorative stair baluster

The decorative stair baluster is die-cast product that appeals to extremely large group of our customers. 

The baluster is cast from aluminum. It is characterized by durability, corrosion resistance and color fastness. Can be installed indoors and outdoors. The baluster dimensions are: 1050mm high and 215mm wide (at its widest point).

We supply balusters: 

  • raw cast prepared for further processing,
  • after processing, ready for painting, 
  • final finished, powder coated (any RAL color).

The baluster is dedicated to manufacturers of balustrades, stairs and handrails.

It will find its customers in construction wholesale markets and interior finishing materials stores.

The baluster looks impressive, which can be seen presented in the photo below.